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Spark Up Your Wedding Photos: Magical Moments with Sparklers

Sparklers at your wedding transform the atmosphere, casting a warm glow over your celebration and illuminating the love that surrounds you. Whether it's your first dance or a grand exit, sparklers amplify the romance and enchantment of the moment.

Through your photographer's lens, these fleeting seconds are framed forever, preserving the magic of your wedding day in beautiful pictures. Each image is a portal back to a night filled with laughter, tears, and the soft crackle of sparklers, capturing the essence of your love story.

Choosing the Perfect Sparkler Moment

It's best to plan the sparkler photo opportunity. You can combine it with a significant moment such as the first dance or grand exit to make it even more spectacular.

For the sparklers photo to look its best, it should ideally be taken in a dark area. However, if that's not possible, don't be discouraged! They will still look stunning, even if it's not completely dark. Just trust your photographer's vision.

Be sure to consider the venue's policies on sparkler use and any safety regulations.

Selecting Sparklers for Stunning Photos

I always advise choosing long-lasting sparklers to ensure ample time for capturing this moment. It's crucial to light the sparklers simultaneously (as much as possible of course), and with a larger group, this can be challenging. Long-lasting sparklers help avoid them burning out before everyone has a chance to light theirs.

You can find them the easiest by Googling 'sterretjes 70cm' and you will find many websites which sell them at good price. In my opinion, best sizes suited for wedding photography are between 30-70 cm. You can also buy them in shops like Euroshop.

Capturing Dreamy Sparkler Photos

When holding sparklers, remember to keep them at arm's length to avoid discomfort and allow more space for movement.

Although your photographer will guide you, I encourage you to experiment with different poses. Be creative and spontaneous—this is often the last posing moment, so let yourselves be free and a bit wild. We'll capture the classic kiss photo, but imagine how fun a piggyback ride pose would be! Just go for it!

You can also try drawing shapes or words in the air with your sparkler. If you plan to do this, let your photographer know in advance so they can adjust their camera settings to capture the effect perfectly.

And the most important tip: for the 60-90 seconds of taking these pictures - everyone involved is HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! (really, I keep shouting that every few seconds to the crowd). Look at all the examples of photos, how nice it is too see all your friends and family around you, happy and smiling. So when you are dancing, kissing, having fun ... that's right, the photographer is yelling at your poor guests to ... BE HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! 🙃

Making the Sparkler Exit Unforgettable

The trend of sparkler exits has been already for a long time a memorable conclusion to almost every wedding celebration, for sure it's one of my favourite moments. I just love taking these photos. Even more I love editing them. They are just sparkling (pun intended) magic and happiness.

My tip for coordinating the perfect sparkler exit is to distribute the sparklers to guests and briefly explain what will be happening in advance. You can send them this article one week before your wedding so they will understand what is the purpose of being happy while taking the photos for 90 seconds 😊

Sparkler photography can truly elevate the magic and romance of your wedding photos.

I strongly encourage you to embrace the opportunity to capture these unforgettable moments with sparklers on your special day.

Share your sparkler moments and photos on Facebook and Instagram using #magicflashphotosparkler or just tag Magic Flash Photo! I'm very curious about your favourite sparkler photos!

Are you planning your wedding and are not sure whether it's possible to incorporate sparklers into your planning? Contact me, I am more than happy to give you an advice what sounds doable.


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