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Happily Ever After: 'Silver' Destination Wedding Photoshoot in Greece

Capturing the timeless love between Asia & Slawek was an absolute joy. This photoshoot was all about celebrating their beautiful journey and the adventures they share. Despite being a bit shy in the beginning, because they were not used to posing, very quickly I showed them that there's nothing to be afraid of in front of my camera and soon their emotions and laughter illuminated every picture (just take a look yourselves below how incredible they look).

From candid moments to elegant portraits, this destination wedding photoshoot in Greece was a perfect reminder that love only gets better with age. Their positive attitude brightened up my day (heck, my week!) and I can only keep my fingers crossed that we will also be so much in love with my husband in 20 years (despite getting married earlier 😉).

Enjoy these highlights from their enchanting photoshoot.

P.S. More photos will follow, as soon as I will have some time to dive into the gigantic pile of what I like to call ''milions of photos I took in Greece'' 😉

I'm editing several photoshoots and weddings at the same time, because I want all my clients to get at least a preview, if not the whole gallery, as soon as it's possible.

Summer is a wedding season, and when I'm this busy it means that either I'm working very hard or ...

I'm doing something wrong? 😁

Gosh, I hope not 😁

I will leave you to it and go back to editing.

Have a Magical day!




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